Why choose organic products? That is probably the question you are asking yourself. Why should you use quality organic products instead of the regular convential products you can find in your local drugstore?


The biggest and most known difference between organic and regular beauty products is that many beauty brands use chemicals in their products compared to organic brands which base their products exclusively on natural resources.


You might not be concerned about the chemicals used in conventional products at first instance, but our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply on it. If we use cosmetics containing chemicals on our body every day, our skin will absorb these chemicals containing poisonous substances which will eventually accumulate and may result in skin problems such as inflammation and acne.


Many conventional beauty products use a basis of petroleum glycol which should be avoided because it contains dioxane  and other harmful chemicals Instead of fillers or added water our organic products are based on aloë vera, mango butter, stem cells and hyaluronic acid.  

From an environmental point of view the use of organic products also reduces pollution. Conventional beauty products are mass-produced in factories and laboratories using different preservatives and chemicals in the process causing waste and gases which harm the environment. On the other hand organic beauty products are consciously grown and produced ecologically without the use of any chemicals or preservatives and hereby preserving our planet.


Last but not least organic products are not tested on animals. It is hard to believe in the world we are living in today, but organic also means animal friendly.