Nordics: Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and clean label oral care. 

Inspired by change through our natural oral care range. Nordics brings forward the idea to combine years of dental care experience with innovation and sustainability. Take care of yourself while helping preserve the planet.


Nordics Charcoal powder Teeth Whitening

Nordics Carbon Whitening.

It is absolutely natural charcoal powder filtered coconut trees, which helps teeth whitening and achieves real, visible results after 2-3 weeks.

Nordics Carbon has many more advantages besides bleach and polish your teeth:

1. The coal extracted toxins from your whole mouth.

2. Adjust the levels of pH, which, vital for healthy teeth and gums.

3. Extract unpleasant greasy deposits on the teeth.

4. helps reduce plaque and tartar formation.

Nordics Carbon can be used many times you want without restriction, a pack of 30 grams. Takes approximately 120 washes.

* No added chemicals

* Without aggressive peroxide

* Without harmful UV radiation

* Without dentists


1. Wash your teeth with toothpaste standard

2. Apply a small damp brush Carbon Whitening

3. Brush for about 3 minutes. Oblique to brush with your mouth closed!

4. Rinse thoroughly and it is!


€ 15,50

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