Petit & Jolie Baby Gift Set

Petit&Jolie Baby Gift Set - it's time to relax and enjoy.


The Baby Gift Set contents:


Petit&Jolie Baby Hair&Body Shampoo - 50ml

Petit&Jolie Baby Diaper Cream - 50ml

Petit&Jolie Baby Bodylotion - 50


Only the best!

€ 9,99

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Petit & Jolie Mama Gift Set

Petit&Jolie Mama Gift Set - Something great for a special moment. Enjoy!


Mama Gift Set contents:


Petit&Jolie Anti Stretch Mark Oil - 100ml

Petit&Jolie Herbal Tea to Enjoy - 50g (peppermint, lime blossem, chamomile)


A perfect gift for a pregnant sister or friend or just for yourself.

€ 14,99

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