Original Scandanavian Brand from Denmark. Utrekrams founders Lisbeth and Ronnie had a vision in 1972 to make Denmark much greener and more eco concious. Started with a small merchant shop in Copenhagen Utrekram grew out to be one of the most well known organic brands in Scandinavia. 


What does Utrekram mean? 

A dictionary of the Danish language tells us that an "urtekræmmer" is an old-fashioned term for a so-called spice/herb merchant or travelling salesman selling spices, medical herbs, drugs etc. Others say that the "urtekræmmer" used to be a less distinguished version of the grocer, and that he was the one who sold the local products, as opposed to the grocer's more extravagant processed foods from the overseas colonies. 

The founders of Urtekram, Lisbeth Daamsgaard and Ronnie McGrail, actually started out almost like the old herb merchants with a shop in urban Copenhagen. Today, a shop like that would be known as the local health food shop. Back then, they were part of a whole new time spirit, with their focus on organic products, pure ingredients and sustainability. And out of precisely this focus grew the company and the name Urtekram, derived from the original term "urtekræmmer".